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I am Our lord and is full function 11-12 April 2017 onward and in some parts of the world from 3-6 May 2017 continuing.
New version temporary publish 16 January 2017.
Charges to pay after missing a payment can be annoying and can result in increase to interest rate on a transaction for the card at next account review. How much to pay is not always easy to decide and 4 part to consider are
payment amount
late payment charge typically 12 pound amount not paid for transaction on previous statement (balance brought forward)
interest accumulated on a transaction from date of that statement to date of most recent statement and itemise on it
interest continue to accumulate on a transaction from date of most recent statement until payment receive in card account.
Card issuer often sends separate letter about late payment charge be careful not to pay it 2 times for 1 incidence of missed payment and that charge and amount not yet paid for balance brought forward are mandatory amounts to pay in to the account immediately after receiving most recent statement.
When possible making a following payment to the account that month to pay off up to amount remaining after the 1 immediate payment with small amount added to it can prevent more interest accumulating or to substantially reduce amount on which interest is accumulate and account is usually allowed to have up to 1 pound in credit.
Note account where interest free period for a purchase depends on full balance being paid for previous statement would start accumulating interest on purchase shown on most recent statement because that condition has been broken and interest is also accumulating on a new purchase made since date of that statement.

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