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This block of text is for computer staff and not ordinary visitor. It is for access when instructed and using only the content here will not provide all code and operation necessary for a method to function.
block 1
Fill many cellposition (or celposn) with data cellcontent (or celcont) as necessary
Set variable n to number of the line in ary which contains the last data celposn p
Set variable m to number of the cell which contains p in line n
Compare p not equal number of cells in a full extent line, if true jump to alloc
Set variable n to current value of n plus 1 and set variable m to 0
block 2
Set ary a indexed by n,m to inpcont c
Set variable j to 0
(Option here or in init is using a Pause and continue facility when access to a large array)
Set variable i to 0 and set j to current value of j plus 1
Compare i equal number of cells in full extent line, if true jump to line
block 3
Compare j less than n, if true jump to trav1
Jump to finish
All traversing of celposn in ary a for inpcont c is complete
(Option here is set ary a indexed by n,m to 1 or more of hyphen space 0 or underscore character)
(Complete process of any remaining replicates found with previous and current inpcont c)
(Option here is back to More program code and next inpcont c, or Fill many celposn from start with new data)

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